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North American Federation of Adapted Physical Activity - NAFAPA Student Ambassador Program
Purposes of Program
    − To empower students in Adapted Physical Activity (APA) programs from North America to   
        influence NAFAPA initiatives and the field of APA at large
    − To provide networking opportunities for APA graduate students
    − To stimulate student engagement in NAFAPA initiatives
    − To contribute to the development of future NAFAPA leaders
    − To generate new NAFAPA initiatives
    − To increase the visibility and target audience of NAFAPA
    − To increase awareness and impact of NAFAPA initiatives
Responsibilities of NAFAPA Student Ambassadors
    − Serve 1- or 2-year term based on anticipated graduation date
    − Distribute locally the NAFAPA newsletter and information on NAFAPA initiatives
    − Hold one meeting per year among students in the program with the goal of identifying   
       student needs and suggesting how NAFAPA can better serve those needs
    − Distribute among graduate APA students short surveys on NAFAPA initiatives
    − Help increase student participation and involvement in the NAFAPA biennial symposium
Benefits for Student Ambassadors
    − Serve the APA field
    − Stay connected with the NAFAPA Board
    − Network with students from other universities
    − Enhance the curriculum vitae
    − Be recognized for service to NAFAPA via the NAFAPA Newsletter and a formal announcement           at a meeting during the NAFAPA biennial symposium
    − Discounted registration fee for the NAFAPA biennial symposium (pending approval by host of           the NAFAPA symposium)
Eligibility for Serving as NAFAPA Student Ambassador
    − Be enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate APA program in North America
    − Interest in, and commitment to, advancing the NAFAPA mission, as evident in the Letter of                 Intent
Application Procedure
    − Interested students should submit application materials via email to:
  • Emily Bremer, PhD candidate, McMaster University, NAFAPA Student Representative at  OR
  • Chloe Simpson, M.S, Oregon State University, NAFAPA Student Representative at
    − Application materials should be in PDF form and should include:
  1. A letter of intent no longer than 2 pages. The letter should include contact information and should express the students interest in, and commitment to, advancing the NAFAPA mission. The letter must be signed by both the student and an appropriate mentor at that institution.
  2. Student’s curriculum vitae
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