Mississippi State University

Dr. Stamatis Agiovlasitis at Mississippi State University is seeking to recruit 2 students for pursuing a Ph.D. degree with an assistantship under his mentoring at Mississippi State University. He is looking for motivated students with good research, writing, and communication skills. The 2 positions are for students with research interests in the area of Physical Activity and Health in Individuals with Down Syndrome and Intellectual Disability Across the Lifespan.
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Preparation of Leadership Personnel in Adapted Physical Activity

East Carolina University, in collaboration with eight universities throughout the United States, has been selected to receive funding from the Office of Special Education, U.S. Department of Education to train doctoral students in the area of adapted physical activity.

This funding will support tuition, stipends, and conference travel funds for doctoral students from 2019 to 2024. Doctoral scholars will have the opportunity to participate in a nation-wide, multi-site consortium focused on doctoral training in adapted physical activity.


Training Leaders to Improve Education and Health Outcomes of Individuals with High-Intensity Needs: A Multi-institution Mentorship Consortium.

Postdoctoral position for managing the Multi-institution APA Mentorship Consortium at East Carolina University

The postdoctoral scholar is responsible for managing the Multi-institution APA Mentorship Consortium (MAMC) funded by US Department of Education and independent and collaborative development, implementation, and analysis of scientific research in the discipline of adapted physical activity.
Responsibilities include management of all aspects of MAMC including but not limited to
(a) collect, prepare and submit scholar data,
(b) collect and prepare progress reports, and other reports required by funding agency,
(c) organize enrichment program (e.g. online seminar, summer institute, exchange program),
(d) manage online platform to disseminate the activities of MAMC,
(e) communicate with all subcontract institutions,
(f) assist faculty for mentoring doctoral scholars supported by this project,
(g) initiate independent research,
(h) collaborate and support research projects within MAMC, and
(i) provide instruction if needed.
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