Early History of NAFAPA

Drs. Robert Steadward and Ted Wall were co-Chairs of a committee to facilitate the formation of NAFAPA.  Other committee members included Drs. Karen DePauw, Michael Horvat, Claudine Sherrill, Greg Reid and David Reams.  The committee was established at the IFAPA symposium in 1989 in Berlin.  Members met again in July 1990 at an International Conference on Sport, Recreation, Fitness, and Health for Mentally Handicapped people held at the University of British Columbia, Canada.  NAFAPA became a reality in October 1992 at the first symposium held in Montreal, Quebec. At that meeting, Dr. Colin Higgs was tasked to develop a constitution and by-laws for the federation.  These were presented and adopted at the second NAFAPA symposium in East Lansing, Michigan in 1994. (personal communication, Dr. Greg Reid)