Location: Hyatt Regency - Birmingham, Alabama

The Health and Physical Literacy Summit 2020 is national in scope with attendees and presenters from across the country.  The focus is to provide top quality professional development in the areas of health and physical literacy for individuals who work with both children and adults, including those who experience disabilities. 


Sessions will be delivered in the following areas: 

Health (Education and Promotion); Physical Education: K-12; Adapted Physical Education; HETE/PETE (Health Education/Physical Education Teacher Education); Dance (K-12, College/University); Sport (Coaching, Sport Management, Athletic Performance); Physical Activity (Recreation); Future Professionals; Research; and Technology.  The Physical Literacy Keynote Speaker is Dr. John Ratey and the Health Literacy Speaker Dr. Joy Deupree. 


















Location: Brock University St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Conference Theme: Communities of Practice














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